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Hi Andrew

My first visit ever to the beautiful Island of Cyprus in the winter of 2003. I visited with the purpose of buying property. Shortly after my arrival, I spoke to you, having first made contact through the Internet. The service I was given from that moment was excellent. Within a week a village house [on which I insisted] had been found. Not only was the business concluded efficiently and promptly but also your follow up service has been outstanding. Andrew has become a friend; we keep in touch by email he assists me in queries and contacts to get things done around the house. I would strongly recommend his company.

Kate Tray



Dear Andrew

You were our salvation when we were looking for a property to purchase in Cyprus. You are courteous, efficient, well organised and totally dependable, displaying a pleasant and friendly manner, yet very professional. We are so please we purchased a property through you Andrew in Protaras and we have settled in and are really happy living here in Eastern Cyprus. Men of your calibre and character are few and far between. Doubtlessly you will continue to be an asset to any prospective Purchase.

Shirley and Trevor Moulden

England and now Protaras Cyprus. :-)


Hi Andrew,

You will recall I came to Cyprus for ten days earlier in the year in order to view and consider purchasing a property. This is just a short note to thank you and your staff for the patience, hospitality, and special attention shown to my wife and I during our search. Your detailed knowledge of Cyprus real estate combined with the well-selected and affordable properties you offered for view was of great benefit to us and made what could have been a laborious trek, extremely easy. It was also a great relief to be able to finalise the financial and legal aspects of purchasing within one roof, and I can honestly say the service we received throughout the buying process was second to none! Your close association to that lovely little Arts Crafts shop in Limassol, "Pana's Creations" I think it was called, was the jewel in the crown to our visit because we were able to buy all the special things we needed to give that special touch to our new home. I never thought that buying a property in Cyprus would be a refreshing experience; thanks to you and your staff.

Bill Taylor



Dear Andrew,

From California, USA, to Cyprus is a huge move, and if it hadn't been for your help, we may not be enjoying our retirement life in our beautiful home, on this beautiful island. Never has anyone worked so hard for so little. Having never been to Cyprus before, the gazillion questions we had, not to mention the gazillion emails we must have exchanged, makes you worthy of a gold star. Always responding promptly and clearly helped us beyond words to understand the home buying process and allayed any hesitations we may have had about moving here.

When we arrived for the first time to visit the island, you spent days driving us from one end of the island to the other, from one village to another and sharing a bit of the history and culture of Cyprus along the way. Business-like when necessary, casual and relaxed the remainder of the time, we can't imagine a less stressful way to have managed the tremendous stress of moving. Even after moving in to our village home, you continue to remain available to help us with the "what do we do now things?". Where to get insurance, buying a car, drivers licenses, computer purchase and on and on. For this and so much more, we are very grateful.

Wishing You All The Best,

Claudia and John


Dear Andrew,

I wish to thank you for all the assistance and guidance you have given me searching a suitable property for me in Cyprus. I know that even though I had a limited budget, you still managed to look and advise me on several properties fitting the budget. I have known your for more 7 years when you were in Dubai to present an exhibition of the properties in Cyprus. In fact from that time I gained a great deal of confidence in your company as you managed to find the right property for my budget needs and that proved very correct. Whatever information I needed, in the shortest span of time, you and your staff provided. I think in property business a lot depends on the creditability and confidence of the selling agent. This I eventually found I could depend upon someone like you, who will go all the way to help his clients irrespective the client buys or does not buy a property. This I call excellent service without any selfish motive.

Thank you once again and I wish you all the very best.

Kind Regards

Madan Bhojwani,



Hi Andrew,

When we decided to research the idea of purchasing a property for our new home in Cyprus we visited your website where we received an immediate and very enthusiastic response which resulted in our visit to the Island. We had a thoroughly enjoyable property hunt with your representative who picked us up at our hotel each morning and who tirelessly took us all around the Island trying to fulfill our never ending wish list. We had such fun and although exhausted at the end of the day we were fired up for what we might find the following day. After a very extensive property search your representative came up with the idea of buying land and design-building our own house and that is exactly what we did and we are so pleased to have chosen this option, what a great idea. Especially been able to design the house, something very special. We were recommended to an excellent quality builder who showed us many land plots until we found the perfect one. Sea and mountain views set in a rural location with almost 360 degree views, our dream home was slowly coming together. Next.... off to the architect and the plans were drawn. Despite the fact that we live overseas, you have provided us with on-going pictures of the construction each week, and we must have over 1,000 pictures so far. This is a service we did not expect but when we started receiving weekly pictures taken at different times of the day and throughout the year it gave us an insight and perception which was almost as good as being there. We have appreciated this so much, Andrew, and for all your personal involvement and comments, if we had any concerns you sorted them immediately, thank you.

Chris and Helen Penny Dubai


Yeh Andrew!

Without your encouragement and qualified guidance, we would not have followed through to property ownership in Cyprus. Through both explanations and physical demonstrations you permitted us to gain the confidence we were lacking toward making Cyprus our second home. First of all the attentiveness to the parameters we provided in regards to size, location and pricing was greatly appreciated as time was not wasted in the initial stage of property viewing. Once we declared ourselves to be serious, we were promptly introduced to a competent law firm and mortgage banker that politely outlined the chain of events required, typical timeframes and all the resultant fees. Consequently, when the owner of that perfect place accepted our offer everything was in place to permit a smooth closure of the purchase. Remarkably, this was not the end of realtor services; proven craftsmen were recommended to perform those customizing works we needed to accommodate our needs, shopping for ancillary items was made easy by several suggestions from your familiarity with the local market, thereby putting to rest that fear of becoming the overpaying foreigner. Overall, we completed the process with no regrets and several fond memories.


Daniel and Debbie Easton