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How To Use This Site 3

Detailed Information On How To Use This Site 3 - Sara

 Property Page


1) Real Solutions 

1)      'Add to your property list'. When you see any property of interest, click this link and the property will be saved to view at any time via:

2)      'View your property list', where you can save, or delete the property.

3)      'Add to your favorites'. Used when you 'login' as a 'member' and you can review your property, after logging in say, one or two days or weeks time.

4)      "View your favorites'. After logging in your can view your favorites.


 How to use this site

2) Calculators and Converters 

1)      Mortgage Calculator.

2)      Metric Conversion.

3)      Area Calculator.

4)      Currency Conversion. 

How to use this site 

3) User Solutions

1)      Print this page, allow you to print the page with all its details.

2)      Email this page to a friend.

3)      Press the 'Back" Icon to go back to the previous page your were viewing.

 How to use this site 

4) Members Area 

Explained in how to use this site page 2

 How to use this site 

5) Centre Screen

 1)      Shows the main picture of the property

2)      "Play" button allows you to view all the pictures of the property as a slide show which you can "Pause" or play each picture - one by one, 'Previous' & 'Next'

How to use this site 

6) 'Further Information' allows you to send us the property and ask further questions.* 

How to use this site 

7) 'Arrange a Viewing' allows you to confirm an appointment to view the mentioned property.* 

How to use this site

8) 'Send Us Your Property List'

When you 'Add to Your Property List' the property is saved and when your click on the 'Send Us Your Property List' your saved properties are already in the information box ready to send to us.

How to use this site 

*Using any of the three forms above, the information is directly sent to us and you can send yourself a copy of the form for reference.

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