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Renovate Cyprus Property - Restore Listed Properties

 Renovate a Cyprus Property - Recycle a Home - Title Deeds

We receive enquiries from clients looking for property to renovate in Cyprus, especially traditional stone village houses. However, there are properties to restore in the towns too that are also in great demand for their natural beauty and charm. 

Several Points to Consider with a Property to Renovate in Cyprus  

  • Cyprus Title Deeds: Some traditional village houses have two or three owners having been passed down through the family over many generations. This is very common and you need to make sure all family members who have a share in the property agree to sell and will sign a legal contract for the sale ensuring the title deeds can be transferred to you.

  • Cyprus Government Grants: Listed properties receive a government grant, which is why the government controls and manages the renovation. You need to apply for the grant having first established that property is listed and you need to ensure you understand fully the regulations involved in government grants.

  • Listed Properties in Cyprus: If a traditional village house or any property in Cyprus is listed, the government controls the renovation and restoration. This can be a little awkward, as you must renovate in accordance with the government specifications. If the property is not listed, then you can renovate how you wish but in that case, obviously you do not receive a government grant.

  • Cyprus Architects: You should use a local architect to draw up the plans for any property to renovate in Cyprus and to assist you with the above points. Very important.

  • Structural Engineer: You may need the services of a local civil or structural Engineer, depending on the condition of the village property. 

Recycle a Cyprus Home:

A traditional village stone house or a townhouse in need of restoration requires a great deal of work and commitment, but the rewards are well worth the time and effort. We will arrange for an architect and a structural or civil engineer to evaluate the property to renovate in Cyprus and to estimate repair costs before you arrange to purchase the property.

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