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Cyprus Villages – Information Living Community Life

 Our love of Cyprus Villages

They are just so many villages in Cyprus.

Where to start when discussing the Cyprus villages since there are so many? If you have not visited a Cyprus village, let us try to explain why they are so popular. Imagine travelling back in time about 100 years to any village where the villagers live in a close-knit community.

My Wife's Grandparents Village and Way of Life

In the olden days, my wife's grandparents (and this applies to all village houses in Cyprus) would keep the donkeys in the house at nighttime to generate heat to keep everyone warm. The floor of the house was invariably natural earth that they would sweep and then sprinkle water, to pack down the dust. My wife's grandfather's house still exists today and you can see where the animals would stay and their living area. Then, in the early morning, all the family would walk to the fields with their donkeys to attend to their crops - these could be anything including grapes, olives and all types of citrus fruits, nuts and sesame seeds, carobs, vegetables and wheat fields - and to gather wood for cooking. Later, having returned home, they would start to make bread, halloumi and feta cheese, using the olives to make oil or adding them to various meals/baking and, of course, making wine and various grape products like shouzouko (grape juice and nuts strung together with fine string to eat as an after meal treat). In order to eat, live and survive, they tended their crops and made a small income by selling their produce.

I think their life was hard yet simple and the quality of their life is something we all wished we could distil somehow, if only partly, into our present-day lives. 

Relax in a Cyprus Village

Cyprus villages and the surrounding countryside are still unspoiled and the whole environment just relaxes you as the world passes you by as you go about your daily routine. Laid back, relaxing, so peaceful. Life in a Cyprus village is not as hard as it was in my wife's grandfathers' day. Please visit a village in Cyprus. The further you go away from any major town the more interesting the villages are, as the town and modern day living have not influenced them adversely. Well! That's our opinion. 

Live in the Village, Work in Town

Cyprus villages are attracting great interest from those looking to move out of the town for a better quality of life but still be in easy driving distance to their local town and its amenities. Many Cypriots and foreigners live in the villages and work in town with daily drives for schools, shopping and entertainment. Driving times to your village home from the towns needs to be around 20 minutes. Otherwise, it can be tiring and in some cases defeats the point of being in Cyprus. We have had clients leave their Cyprus village homes to move closer to town for this reason. A small point but not if you need to uproot home and find another place to live just 10 miles closer to town! 

Our favourite Cyprus villages are:

Paphos. Droushia, Inia, Fyti, Peristerona.

Limassol. Dora, Anogyra, Malia, Finakaria, Trimiklini.

Larnaca. Tochni, Maroni.

Paralimni. Avgorou

Nicosia . Sia, Pera, Agros, Potamitissa.

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