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Pissouri Village Information - Beach Front Bay

 Pissouri Village - Beach Front Bay

Pissouri Village and Bay

Pissouri is located on the beach between Limassol and Paphos on the south coast of Cyprus. There are two distinct areas of Pissouri - one up the hill, the village, and the other one around the beach front area, known as Pissouri Bay or Jetty.

The Village

The village has grown over the years, trying to maintain its Cypriot traditions whilst embracing the influx of additional residents and the affluence they bring, which is not an easy task. The village-cobbled stone square is really pretty with shops and restaurants around its perimeters and a vast array of tables and chairs offering a variety of different cuisines. Leading from the square, through a narrow passage, are more shops and restaurants offering a more intimate, secluded area than the main square and which we find just a little more private. There are three banks in the square - an indication the size of the village (most villages in Cyprus do not have a bank). There is also a petrol station on the main road leading to the village, which is used when travelling between Limassol and Pafos or to the surrounding villages. The village is set high on a hill at 500 feet above sea level rising to 800 feet at some points. The population increases in summer to around 1,300 people with the addition of many tourists, about half of whom are Cypriots. Famous for its grape produce and many other agricultural activities, Pissouri is more than just a tourist location. During the summer the village has theatre shows including dancing nights with various plays being held in the small amphitheatre.

The village has something for everyone whilst maintaining its Cypriot originality and accommodating the many and varied tourists and foreigners who live there.

The Bay

The jetty beachfront area has developed from its one restaurant to many excellent restaurants, one bank, two large hotels and many tourist shops. The beachfront area has been renovated, offering excellent swimming facilities, water sports and a clean and tidy environment. The sea views from the bay area are just stunning and are very popular for property owners and renters, being in walking distance to the shops and sea front.

Pissouri is still and will always be, a Cyprus Village

The whole of Pissouri has grown dramatically over the last 30 years with property development in most areas being well planned and organized. The attraction of Pissouri is its stunning location, beautiful sea views, and proximity to Limassol and Pafos with the highway passing close by and its easy access to the mountains. Visit Pissouri and see how a Cyprus village has grown whilst maintaining its origins through the multitude of ever-changing influxes.

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