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Paralimni Town Information Discover

Paralimni - Settlement by the Lake

Origin of Paralimni's Name

Paralimni is made up using two words: Para meaning beside or before, and Limni, meaning lake. Therefore, Paralimni is the settlement beside the lake. Paralimni is inland from Protaras and has the hustle and bustle of any modern town, all year round, unlike the tourist towns of Ayia Napa and Protaras which just about close down in winter. The town dramatically emerged from its backwater state after the Turkish invasion of 1974 with Famagusta (Varosha) literally closing down, and still closed. Famagusta is a ghost town with no one living there - hard to believe, but true.

Summer in Paralimni

Being inland, Paralmini gets hot and humid requiring mosquito spray to keep insects from biting you, which can ruin your holiday. This advice holds true throughout Cyprus, especially in the summer months. Take care! If you are bitten, rub on some lemon juice, as it kills the sting very quickly.

Old and Modern Combined

Paralimni is a very Cypriot town blending its Venetian architecture with modern day shops, houses and commercial centres attracting visitors to its narrow walkways or shopping malls. Being inland, Paralimni is an escape from the noisy tourist attractions of the other two main towns Ayia Napa and Protaras especially during the nighttime.

Entertainment in Paralimni

The municipality holds weekly plays, dance and music shows in its outdoor theatre which are very popular. There is a large shopping center in Paralimni used by the surrounding villages, and a cinema complex showing the latest movies.

Wild Life on the Lake

Paralimni Lake has been made a conservation area by the Government to protect its large variety of migrant species, attracting Crakes as well as a good number of waders and other water birds including Spotted Crake, Audouin's Gull, Rock Thrush and Citrine Wagtail.

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