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Paphos Information on Pafos Town Region

Pafos Paphos or Pathos

Confused - How to Pronounce or Write Pafos?

There are two ways of commonly spelling Paphos: Paphos or Pafos. The correct way today is Pafos but either is fine although to cover all possibilities, we use both throughout our web site. Confused? There's more. In addition, some non-Cypriot folks pronounce it Pathos, which is not correct. Pafos/Paphos is pronounced with an ‘F', Pafos. Then again, if you can make yourselves understood in a foreign language, it does not matter too much.......... how you pronounce it. But it is annoyiing when I hear people say Pafos with 'th' - Pathos. No No No No PAFOS is with an 'F' or 'PH'

PAFOS OR PAPHOS - I suppose if your name is Philip or Philippa or Freddie and folks call you  - THillip or THilippa or THreddie it could be A) really annoying and B) you would have to assume those folks are either dumb, ignorent or lacking social gracees. Enough, I guess.

Aphrodite - Goddess of Love from Pafos

Paphos is the home of marvellous archaeological treasures. Ancient legend tells us that this was the home of Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty. Situated on the southwest coast of the island and sheltered from the north by the Troodos mountains, Pafos enjoys the healthiest year-round climate in the Mediterranean.

Rural Pafos

The countryside is serenely beautiful throughout the year with fertile plains, citrus fruit plantations, rocky coves, sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Pafos harbour, with its ancient castle, mosaics depicting Dionysos the God of wine, as well as many other wonderful antiques, beautiful churches and monasteries, has prompted UNESCO to include Pafos on its World Cultural Heritage List.

Modern Day Pafos

Today, Pafos is a thriving coastal city. The authorities have invested heavily in irrigation dams, road infrastructure and the development of Pafos International Airport, while private initiatives have concentrated on hotels, entertainments, water parks and a vast array of real estate property for sale.

The Beauty of Pafos

Some interesting facts though on Paphos which will explain, without exception, why Pafos does hold something very special in its chemistry to attract so many purchasers to buy property. There are currently more than 15,000 expatriates living permanently in their own homes in Paphos where the local population is around 40,000 Cypriots! Paphos is not everyone's dream home, but the math's make us realize that the west coast of Cyprus is truly a special place to purchase property and live. It is our favourite location in Cyprus.

There are many historical places of interest to visit whilst in Paphos Cyprus such as:

  • Tombs of The Kings - Wide area containing underground tombs carved out of solid rock dating from the 4th century BC, many decorated with Doric pillars. Whether Kings were buried here or not, the magnificence of the tombs gave the area its name.

  • The Mosaics of Paphos - House of Dionysos, House of Theseus and the recently excavated House of Aion. The amazing mosaic floors of these 3rd century AD noblemen's villas are considered among the finest in the Eastern Mediterranean. They mostly depict scenes from Greek mythology and are beautifully executed.

  • Paphos Odeon - A small 2nd century Odeon built entirely of well-hewn limestone blocks. It was uncovered by the Cyprus Department of Antiquities in 1973-4 and is now regularly used for musical and theatrical performances.

  • Paphos Castle - Kato Paphos. Originally built as a Byzantine fort to protect the harbour, it was rebuilt by the Lusignans in the 13th century and then dismantled in 1570 by the Venetians, who were unable to defend it against the Ottomans who, in turn, restored it after they captured the island.

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