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Moving Pets to Cyprus Animals Cats Dogs

Moving Your Cats or Dogs Animals to Cyprus

Since joining the EU in May 2004 it has become much easier to move your pets to Cyprus through the (EU) European Union Pet Passport scheme.

EU Pet Passport

Each pet is issued with a lifetime EU Pet Passport by your vet containing the owners and animals details with its microchip and vaccination status. Your vet will keep an up to date record of this information.
Within Cyprus, pets are specified as animals kept for companionship this includes cats, dogs and ferrets and they can travel between EU member states with their EU Pet Passport (EUPP).


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There are Two Ways of Moving Pets to Cyprus from any Country:

• 1) Your pet comes from a country with recognised animal health requirements and is rabies free.
• 2) Your pet comes from a country, which does not appear on the European list. Meaning, rabies may be endemic among domestic pets in that country and, before interring Cyprus, pets must be vaccinated and tested for three months and will be placed in quarantine for 6 months up on arrival in Cyprus.

Regulations for Bringing Pets to Cyprus

No animal under three months of age may travel with you to Cyprus, for humane reasons, and you may bring with you a maximum of five pets.

Before you Leave

EU pet passport must be obtained and your vet must provide you with an Animal Health Certificate in Greek or English.
Vaccinations: Rabies is the only vaccination required for importing pets to Cyprus. The vaccination must be administered at least 30 days before the pet's arrival in Cyprus but not more than one year.

Identification: Your pet must have an electronic identification system (microchip) or by a clearly readable tattoo. The tattoo will only be accepted as a means of identification until 3 July 2011.

Tick, Worms and Flea Treatment: Administered up to 48 hours before the arriving and noted on the certificate by the administering vet. Failure to comply, your pet will face one month in quarantine.

Authorities: The District Veterinary Station must be clearly informed, at least 48 hours before moving pets to Cyprus, supplying the office with the date, time, location (port or airport) and flight or ship number.

District Veterinary Stations in Cyprus

  • Larnaca District Veterinary Station

  • Tel: +357-24304275/6

  • Fax: +357-24304270 

  • Limassol District Veterinary Station

  • Tel: +357-25819512

  • Fax: +357-25306544

  • Paphos District Veterinary Station

  • Tel: +357-26306269

  • Fax: +357-26306198

  • Nicosia District Veterinary Station

  • Tel: +357-22805240/1

  • Fax: +357-22805174

When importing pets to Cyprus you must kept the animal in a carry case to comply with air travel (IATA) regulations.

Arriving in Cyprus with your Pet

The district Veterinary officer or Customs Officer will meet you to check the animals Pet Passport, Animal Health, Rabies and any other Certificates. This will cost you from around 40 to 60 Euros.

The district Veterinary office will check the pet for the following:

1. Examined by a vet no more than 72 hours before exporting to Cyprus, in good health, free from signs of rabies, contagious or infectious disease.
2. Kept since birth or for the six months before shipment, in the exporting country or at a quarantine depot where no case of rabies was officially reported during the past two years.
3. Certified vaccination against rabies not less than one month and not more that one-year before shipment.
4. Treated for worms, and tapeworms (Echinococcosis/Hydatidosis) within 48 hours before shipment.
5. Received insecticidal treatment against ticks and fleas (Ectoparasites) within 48 hours before shipment.

Pet Travel Scheme PETS

PETS is a UK pet travel scheme when traveling overseas with domestic pets: cats and dogs (including assistance dogs) rabbits, rodents and ferrets. This does not include commercial animals. PETS allows complying animals in to their scheme only if all conditions are complied with fully.


• Microchip identification
• Vaccination against rabies
• Blood test to ensure satisfactory level of protection against rabies.
• Tick and tapeworm treatment
• EU Pet Passport. For non-EU listed countries, you must have an official country veterinary certificate.

The UK Government Organisation, DEFRA has detailed information on their website when taking pets to Cyprus.

• Pet Travel Scheme Helpline
Tel: +44 (0)870 241 1710 (Monday to Friday, 8.30 to 17:30 UK time)

The following breeds of dog are not allowed to enter Cyprus:

• Argentinian Mastiff/Dogo Argentino
• Brazilian Mastiff/Fila Brasileiro
• Japanese Tosa
• American Pit Bull/Pit Bull Terrier


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