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Importing Car to Cyprus Duty Free Vehicle

Importing Your Car to Cyprus

If you are considering importing your car/vehicle to Cyprus from a fellow EU country, you need to know the rules which must be followed.

1) You must own the car/vehicle for at least 6 months and it needs to have traveled no less than 6,000 miles. The rules do not apply if you are retiring only if you are planning to work in Cyprus. Should your vehicle NOT comply with these rules you will be charge the FULL tax rate as if the vehicle was NEW.

2) One person is allowed to import ONE vehicle ONLY and your name must be in the vehicle registration document and on your VALID driving license.

3) The vehicle must be purchased through the general conditions of taxation applied in the member state from which it is transferred and must not qualify for relief or refund of any VAT.

4) You should hold the original purchase receipt at all time and keep copies.  

5) You can arrange insurance in your home country or it is possible to  arrange a cover note in Cyprus. 

6) If you intend to work in Cyprus and apply for Relief of Excise Duties under the Transfer of Residence method importing, the vehicle must be shipped within twelve months of your arrival in Cyprus.

7) When retiring to Cyprus the vehicle can be imported at any time as long as the Application for Exemptions is made prior to the vehicle being shipped. However you may import the vehicle at the same time as you import your possessions and then apply for the Exemption within 6 months of your arrival


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Vehicles from member states of the European Union - On payment of excise duties and VAT

1) Community Status of the Vehicle

Goods in free circulation in the EU move from one member state to another without payment of further customs import duty. To be exempt from paying further import duty in Cyprus, proof of Community status of the goods must be provided. If you are transferring to Cyprus a car for private use from another member state, you may prove its Community status by producing:-

  •  T2L or Τ2LF document; or

  • The number plates and the vehicle registration document issued by previous member state.

The T2L or Τ2LF document can be obtained from the previous member state Customs Service or through your vehicle supplier or shipper.

In case of failure to provide above mentioned proof of vehicle's Community status, the importation will be classed as having arrived from a third country and the vehicle will be liable to import duty in addition to the excise duty and VAT.

2. Procedure on Arrival of the Vehicle in the Republic

Certain goods are subject to excise duty, even if they arrive from another member state of the EU. Motor vehicles, in the following categories, are subject to excise duty:

  • Saloon type vehicles, such as sedan, cabrio, estate, hatchback, coupe, etc;

  • Jeep-type off-road vehicles (4Χ4);

  • Double cabin cars;

  • Vans of tariff heading 87.04 having a gross weight not exceeding 2032 kg and a net cargo space not exceeding 2 m3;

  • Motorcycles having an engine of a cubic capacity exceeding 600 cc.

If you bring such a vehicle from another member state of the EU, which is in free circulation, you may leave the port or airport immediately without any customs procedure. If your vehicle is brought in by ship, you are required to furnish proof of Community status before you are allowed to remove the vehicle from the port. To do so you must fill in form "Application for verification of community status".

3. Payment of Excise Duty

You must pay the excise duty due within 10 working days from the date of the vehicle's arrival in the Republic, unless within this period you opt to:

  • Place it in a customs warehouse;

  • Pend it to another member state of the EU; or

  • Pxport it to a third country.

In order to pay the excise duty, you will have to complete form SAD. If you cannot complete it on your own, you may use the services of a customs clearing agent.

3.1. Calculation of excise duty

The excise duty is calculated basis on of the capacity of the vehicle's engine and this is differentiated according to: -

  • The mass of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

the age of the vehicle, the kilometers it has done, its general condition, the type of its transmission, its make and type, in accordance with the reduction rates as fixed in a Notice issued by the Director of Customs.

Ministry of Transport Changes for Excise Duty

Registration and Road Tax for Road Vehicles Petrol and Diesel driven


Engine size 

Registration/Excise Duty   Euro Per CC

Road Tax Euro Per CC

0000 - 1650 cc



1651 -2250 cc



2251 - 3000 cc



3000 PLUS



 3.4. Examples how to calculate excise duty

The following examples will help you to understand better how excise duty on vehicles is calculated. In all examples, it is assumed that the importer has proved the Community status of the vehicles.

Example 1

A used saloon vehicle is 9 months old at the time of its transfer to Cyprus from the United Kingdom on the 17 November 2006. The cubic capacity of its engine is 1789 cc and the carbon dioxide emissions are 180 gr/km.

The excise duty payable is calculated as follows:
Initial excise duty: 1789 Χ €3,42 = €6118

This amount is reduced: by 10%, because of the carbon dioxide emissions: €6118 - 10% = €5506
by 18.50%, because of its age (9 months) and type (sedan) : €5506 - (18.50%) = €4487
Additional excise duty €0.02/c.c.: 1789 Χ €0.02 = €36
Total excise duty payable: €4487 + €36 = €4523

Example 2

A used cabrio car is 6 years, 7 months and 10 days old at the time of its transfer to Cyprus on 15 November 2006. Its engine cubic capacity is 2499 c.c. and the carbon dioxide emissions are 250 gr/km.

The payable excise duty is calculated as follows:
Initial excise duty: 2499 Χ €5,98 = €14944
This amount is increased by 10% because of its carbon dioxide emissions, i.e. €14944 + 10% (€1494) = €16438
The total of the initial excise duty and its increase is reduced by 62% because of its age (6 years, 7 months and 10 days) and type (cabrio), i.e. €16438 - 62% (€10192) = €6246
Additional excise duty 2499 c.c. Χ €0,02 = €50
Total excise duty payable: €6246 + €50 = €6296

3. Information
For more information, you may write to the following address:

The Director,
Department of Customs and Excise
Corner M. Karaoli and Gr. Afxentiou, Nicosia
The postal address is:
Director of Customs,
Customs Headquarters,
1440, Nicosia.

Fax no 22302031

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