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Arriving Departing Cyprus

Planning Your Arrival Departure from Cyprus

By Andrew Sharpe

Arriving in Cyprus

Many clients, before arriving in Cyprus for their property viewing trip, ask us which airport they should arrive at and which location they should stay in. As a general rule, always travel to the nearest airport to where you plan to purchase and stay in that area too. Cyprus is not a large island but travelling long distances can make viewing very tiring. If you plan to view in two or three locations then travel to the nearest airport and stay, if possible, equidistant to the locations to be viewed.

Being Comfortable

Remember, summer is hot in Cyprus, baking hot, and these small points may seem irrelevant, we can assure you that this is not the case. Many prospective purchasers travel to Cyprus with grandparents and children too. Your accommodation needs to be close to where you are planning to purchase because the viewing process is extremely tiring and long drives to and from your accommodation, plus viewing for most of the day, drain you mentally and physically.

Departing Cyprus

Arriving in Cyprus is one concern, departing is another. If you are departing on the 5a.m. flight from Larnaca airport and you are staying in Paphos, that is a two-hour drive, so going home will not be such fun. In addition, before your leave your accommodation for the departure flight, contact the airport or your tour operator to make sure the flight is on time.

Note: Plan your arrival and departure to and from Cyprus well. Locate near your planned purchasing area.

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