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Cyprus Internet Services Broadband Telephone Mobile

Cyprus Internet Broadband Telephones Mobiles

By Andrew Sharpe

Telephone Services

Until recently there was only one option for your Cyprus internet broadband services and telephone connections - Cyta.
There are now two options, Cyta historically the only provider and the new kids on the block - PrimeTel.

Cyta Services Include: the supply of land-lines, mobile phones (on monthly payment contracts and pay as you go), telegraph transmission, maritime, data transmission, TV transmission and reception, audio text, Internet and ATM/Frame Relay, private leased circuits video conferencing, ISDN, DSL.


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PrimeTel Services Include: land-line telephone, Internet (and broadband), Digital TV. There are three residential package and services specifically for businesses.

Land Line Connection

• See CYTA website.
• CYTA Shops around Cyprus
• Call direct by dialing 132 from any Cypriot telephone
• PrimeTel residential services: 
• PrimeTel business services: 
• Dial 11892 - Excellent services
• Foreign country codes and area codes: Dial 194

Mobile Telephone Services

Mobile cellular telephones are available from Cyta and MTN (Areeba) Cyprus.
In the Northern part of Cyprus has no roaming agreements; Cyprus mobile phones do not work there, mobiles from another country work on both sides of the island, north and south.

Cyta Mobile

• Cytamobile-Vodafone

Cyta mobile offers a So Easy scheme. You buy a number with an amount of call credit. The number is valid for three months. Numbers are available from kiosks or any of the many outlets in all towns.

MTN Cyprus

MTN Cyprus provides services for mobile cellular phones, Blackberry and 3G.

• It has a comprehensive website in English:

Internet Connection

Cytanet is the largest Internet service provider in Cyprus; also provides Internet.
Cytanet services include: Internet connection, WAP services, ISDN (64kbps and 128kbps) and ADSL (640kbps) for home users.
To order a Cytaet Internet connection, you have to be a Cyta fixed line customer. Cytanet for All is a subscription-free Internet connection service.

• Call freephone 8000 80 80 from any Cypriot telephone,
• Visit a CytaShops
• Or visit the Cyta website

Primetel Home

Provides package for Cyprus Internet, telephones and TV, check out their web site and compare to Cyta.


Otenet provides telephones and ADSL Internet to many locations in Cyprus; the website has a map showing locations served by the network. Product packages are available for the home user, small business and larger corporations.

• The website is comprehensive and in English:

Broadband TV through a Telephone Line, via a Set-Top Box to your TV.

• Cyta: miVision


All services are good and you need to check out which one suits your needs.

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