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Cyprus Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Cyprus Swimming Pool Cleaning Sevices

We offer a comprehensive range of swimming pool maintenance in Cyprus. During the summer months (May to October) we visit your pool twice a week and in the winter period once a week (November to April). Other schedules can be arranged to meet your requirements. The cost to clean a swimming pool in Cyprus (4m x 8m) is around 100 Euros plus VAT at 15%. Prices vary depending a size and conditions 

Your Pool Cleaning Service Will Include The Follow With Each Visit.

  1. Water level and adjustment

  2. Vacuuming the floor of the pool

  3. Brushing the sides of the pool

  4. Clearing any debris from the pool surface

  5. Temperature check

  6. Tide lines removal

  7. Cleaning the pool skimmer filter traps

  8. Checking the water Ph, salt & chlorine levels, (if applicable) and balancing.

  9. Adding chlorine or Ph down to maintain the quality of the water and any other required chemicals

  10. Anti-algae treatment

  11. Backwashing/rinsing the main filter and cleaning its filter trap

  12. Clean and maintaining the surrounding areas of the pool

  13. Descaling where necessary

  14. Seasonal adjustment of the time control switch 

  • We also provide a swimming pool repair service. The cost of repairs varies depending on the equipment and the time required. 

  • Please contact us for a quotation and leave us, the professionals, to take care of you swimming pool maintenance in Cyprus.


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