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Temporary Residence Permit Documentation Information

Ins and Outs of a Cyprus Residence Permit

Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit

A permit is required if you are staying longer than 90 days and must be applied for at least one month in advance. Normally your lawyer in Cyprus will arrange your application and delivery of the permit.

You (an alien) may request for the issue of the temporary residence permit for the purpose of holidays, tour around the island and for the search of a possible temporary or permanent settlement in Cyprus.

To receive a residence permit in Cyprus an alien resident must fulfill one of the following requirements:

        - Property in Cyprus (holiday house).
        - Disposition of secured annual income

In some cases the Immigration Officer may secure a permit for an alien if he has stable and secured income from abroad.

It may be his pension, dividends from investments, interest from deposits, etc.

Documentation and information required when applying for a temporary Cyprus residence permit at your nearest Immigration Office.

  • Your passport, which must have at least one year's validity remaining before it expires.

  • Four passport photographs for each application.

  • Your birth certificate(s) and marriage certificate, if applicable.

  • Proof of income with authenticated bank statements from your bank in Cyprus. Annual income needs to be at least EUR 6,460 per person and at least EUR 3,060 for each dependent. Alternatively, proof of income from your home country's bank, verifying you have sufficient funds to support you and your family.

  • Medical insurance cover, either private or cover by Cypriot social insurance. (THE PROBLEM HERE IS THAT THE CYPRUS MEDICAL CARD WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNTIL ONE HAS A RESIDENCE PERMIT!). Meaning you will need private medical insurance at least until you receive your residence permit.

  • Proof of Cyprus residence by either, title deed of property owned, or contract of sale, or contract of rental.

  • A completed application form (M.61)

  • Copies of the above documents.

  • Separate copies of documents and application forms for all dependants.

Permanent Residence Permit - Various types:

In order to settle in Cyprus permanently an alien may apply to the Chief Immigration Officer, Nicosia, Cyprus by submission of application form M.67. In accordance with the Regulation 5 of the Alien and Immigration Regulations of 1972 an alien person must belong to one of the following Categories:

  • Category A: Self-employed in agriculture. The possession of adequate land, or have a permit to acquire such land, together with a capital of at least EUR 425,000 are required.

  • Category B: Self-employed in mining. The possession of a mining permit and a capital of at least EUR 340,000 are required. 

  • Category C: Self-employed in a trade or profession. For persons intending to deal with a trade or business, a capital of at least EUR 255,000 is required. 

  • Category D: Self-employed applicants under this category are required to have academic or professional qualifications for which there is a demand in Cyprus. 

  • Category E: Offer of permanent employment. Persons to whom permanent employment is offered which is in the interest of the economy of the island and does not create local competition. 

  • Category F: Not working (e.g. retired). Persons wishing to reside in Cyprus and have a secure annual income, high enough to provide them with a decent living without having to engage in any business or profession. An annual amount of at least EUR 6,460 per person is usually considered sufficient.


If you come under category F permit.

This requires you to prove you are able to support yourself and your dependants financially from external sources and you are NOT allowed to work in Cyprus, either full or part-time.  

NOTE 1: A Cyprus residence permit can be applied for if you purchase a property OR if you rent a property. 

NOTE 2: Each case is examined individually, taking into account all the circumstances involved. 

NOTE 3: After you have lived here for more than five years, legally and continuously, you may apply for   a permanent residence permit. Provided, your application is finally approved by the Civil            Registry and Migration Department of Nicosia and the permanent residence permit is granted an alien    receives an official stamp to his(her) passport and is not obliged to renew his(her) residence permit  annually.

Cyprus has recently implemented The Directive of the European Union 2003/109/EC, which says that migrants who live in Cyprus for five years, legally and continuously, are entitled for permanent residence permit.

The Directive was published on 23 January 2004 and since 23 January 2006 is in force in Cyprus.


The above information is intended as a guide, please contact your lawyer or the Civil Registry and Migration Department of Nicosia to fully understand your legal status.

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