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Maintenance Building Services Plumbing Painting Electrical

Cyprus Property Maintenance Building Services

Listed below are your Cyprus property maintenance building services options as all homes require regular inspection, repair and in some cases, small or major building improvements. As part of our regular inspection service, recommendations and reports are submitted to you should maintenance be required to your Cyprus property. Some concerns may not be urgent and can wait until you are in Cyprus; some are serious and need immediate action. Should emergency repairs be required, a full set of photographs will be sent to you with a detailed report. Should you wish to proceed with the repair; a comprehensive cost analysis will be sent to you for approval. Once we receive payment for the work to be carried out, photographs will be sent to you throughout the repair process through to completion. Regular inspection and maintenance is the most important factor in keeping your property in a good condition for your own use or should you rent the property and to improve and maintain its market value.

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Cyprus Property Maintenance Services

Regular Inspection and Reporting

During the regular on site inspection of your Cyprus property maintenance service agreement, where faults or concerns are noted, they are reported to you via email or text immediately. This is an on-going service.

Building Services

Our qualified building team can build anything to your specification; extensions, home decor redesigns, swimming pools, garden walls, driveways etc.


Water leaks can and do occur, we provide a plumbing service to overcome any leaks that left unattended can cause major damage.

Electrical  & Electricity

Our qualified electricians are on call for emergencies or should you require; fans fitted, gardens lights installed or any work carried out


Our qualified carpenters are available to install; fences, sheds, decking, pergolas and emergency call out for house lock concerns, changing locks etc. 

Painting and Decoration Services

Occasionally your property will need painting and some decoration, both internally and externally. Our qualified painting team is available providing quotations and delivering the most professional result.

Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Air conditioning in Cyprus is very necessary, we install, maintain and repair A/C's ensuring the units are kept in good condition and are regularly serviced.

All of the above services are available on an emergency call out basis to ensure your home is maintained at all times or through our quotation service for planned maintenance.


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