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Planning a Trip to Cyprus - Study Research Learn

Study Research Before Planning a Trip to View Cyprus Property

When planning a trip to Cyprus to view property and purchase real estate, take care who you work with and bear in mind your own interests first, as any real estate agent, anywhere in the world, will do likewise.

Estate Agents

Real estate agents, who are second in the pecking order of the most untrustworthy people on the planet, the first being politicians, have one goal - to sell you a property. We are no different. The difference we try to make is this: we are very interested in getting to the point of sale, closure or clinching a deal but it is HOW WE ARRIVE AT THAT POINT that is of greater importance to us. Why?


People spend their whole lives saving, working with a dream of either living in Cyprus, or having a holiday home here. Should we play, cheat or lie with people's lifelong hopes and dreams or respect their years of endeavor and toil.

Be True to Yourself

We have had many clients to whom we could not make a sale or it seemed unlikely, but we assisted them in so many ways. In doing so, we maintain our good company name and reputation as witnessed by the fact that 60% of our clients are through referrals! What we achieve in our lives is not so important as how we attain those achievements.

Note: Follow your gut reaction when planning a trip to Cyprus to view property and take care who you deal with in the process.

Here are Some Pointers to Getting it Right

  • Plan your trip to Cyprus around three months, in advance.

  • Research the market for the type of property that interests you.

  • Compare and get to know the market prices.

  • Read and study local laws on purchasing property

  • Contact a lawyer in Cyprus before you arrive here.

  • Contact and maintain communication with real estate agents who respond to your questions quickly and informatively.

  • Arrange viewing appointments in advance.

  • Make sure your travel dates to Cyprus do not coincide with public holidays here as you may find Cyprus closed and you cannot view. This has happened before!

  • Keep the information on the properties you want to view with you for reference and collect the contact details of the agents you will be meeting and give them your contact details.

  • Book your hotel and car hire (if you need a car) well in advance - summer is always very busy.

  • Keep your options open when viewing property. After all your hard work in planning a trip to Cyprus, do not make decisions quickly. Let the properties answers your questions as you view them, one by one.

  • Trust your instincts and follow your gut reaction. If something or someone feels wrong in any part of this process, then it is most probably with good reason. In that case, just walk away.


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