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Cyprus Health Care - (EHIC) E111 Card

Cyprus Health Care & European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

By Andrew Sharpe

Cyprus health care ranks as one of the top countries in the Mediterranean according to the World Health Organization.

The Cyprus government since independence in 1960 has promoted health care and preventative health care practices throughout the Island. Most major hospitals and private clinics are in-town, although there is a network of medical services to all rural areas with weekly doctors visits. Most doctors' are trained in European countries and the USA and return to Cyprus to work in either the government or private sector.

The Cyprus health care system is funded via those in employment through their social security payments with their families and retirees entitled to free or low cost health care in Cyprus and free emergency treatment for all. 

Note of Importance

If you use either the government or private health care services and your problems are serious, you will be most likely referred to an overseas specialist. This means, leaving Cyprus for further health care. Please make sure you have health insurance cover for these circumstances. Having lived here for 33 years, I have seen this occur on many occasions. Recently, my wives cousin's daughter had to leave Cyprus for the UK for treatment. They came back to Cyprus, all was ok, and then the same problem re-occurred. They travelled to Israel and now the child is doing well.

Entitlements and Card Required: European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

• European citizens as a temporary visitor or tourist require. E111
• A Pensioner coming to live permanently in Cyprus. E121
• A worker from another Member State posted to work in Cyprus less than one year. E111 or EHIC
• A worker from another Member State posted to work in Cyprus for more than one year. E106
• A U.K. person under Pension age coming to live permanently in Cyprus. E106 (residual)
• A student E111
• Dependants living in Cyprus but insured worker living in another Member State. E109
• A person from another Member State in receipt of Unemployment Benefit and seeking work in Cyprus. E111 or EHIC
• A person in receipt of Industrial Injuries Benefit or an occupational disease. E123
• A person referred to Cyprus for specific medical treatment. E112


The form E111 or EHIC entitles you to receive any medically necessary treatment that you may need during your stay in Cyprus. If you have not got a form E111 or EHIC when attending at a Cyprus State Hospital, it may be possible for you to obtain such a form by contacting your "home"
administration who may be able to provide you with the relevant documentation.

EHIC information above is taken from the Cyprus Minister of Health, their contact details are added below.

Please Note: The above forms are only valid in the southern areas of Cyprus and NOT in the north.


• Ministry of Health, 10 Markou Drakou Street, 1448 Lefkosia
• Telephones: 00357 22 400207 - 00357 22 305354
• Fax: 00357 22 30534
• Web site:




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