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Cyprus Estate Agents - Vieiwng Property

Cyprus Estate Agents and Viewing Property Arrangements

By Andrew Sharpe

Cyprus Estate agents are governed by the Cyprus Real Estate Agents Association (CREAA) and agents must have a professional indemnity insurance for not less than €170,000.
Contacting Cyprus Estate Agents

Most prospective property purchasers arrive in Cyprus via offices and estate agents in their own countries who have an association with professional estate agents or developers in Cyprus.

In addition, many developers and Cyprus real estate offices advertise through newspapers, magazines, exhibitions, Internet and television, where they contact clients and arrange appointments in Cyprus to view property.

Take care! Purchase Property through a Licensed Cyprus Estate Agent

There are other ways prospective purchasers contact may the Cyprus property market, but it is very important that you only purchase property from registered estate agents in Cyprus. You should be wary of the local taxi driver or barman who tries to lead you towards their mate or friend who is not a registered estate agent. Such situations can and do occur, and are NOT in any way a good advertisement or practice for you or the Cyprus property market.

Gathering Cyprus Property Information

Professional Cyprus estate agents will provide you with property information via their website and/or their brochures, including specifications and pictures of properties matching your detailed requirements. Your input to this process of selecting a quality short-list of properties to view is vitally important and cannot be over emphasized. Estate agents in Cyprus are not mind readers; we need as much information as possible from you to make sure you only view properties that are of real interest to you and your family.

Prepare for Viewing in Cyprus

You should view a maximum of 4 to 8 quality properties in one day to be of substantial value. Take notes of each property as you will not remember them in detail by the end of the day. Using a camera or video helps the process greatly. Remember too, viewing property is extremely tiring, especially in the middle of summer, so prepared accordingly. Bring some water with you and some snacks. If you have children with you, try bringing some toys or something to occupy them as they can become bored quickly.

Process of Elimination by Direct Property Comparisons

Only through viewing a good selection of quality properties meeting your requirements are you able to realize fully, through this process of elimination by direct property comparisons, which property really stands out and why. When this occurs, it's a bit of a gut reaction and you know you have found a special property. Trust your instincts when buying property.

Note: If the Cyprus estate agent, property, lawyer or anything in the process does not feel quite right to you, then walk away until such time as you find an agent, lawyer and property that feel right, and you are comfortable with the whole process.

Arranging Appointments and Viewing Properties

We arrange to meet our clients at their accommodation in Cyprus or at any of our associate offices in any of the main towns in Cyprus. We arrange appointments weeks or months in advance to ensure the vendors (sellers) and we ourselves are all ready, in place at the right time to meet you and view.

Note: Should you be unable to make the appointment for any reason, please be kind enough to call us so we may politely inform the vendors with whom we have previously arranged the appointment of the cancellation. Call us at any time on 00357 99537985.

To make an appointment to view Cyprus properties please fill out our contact us form.


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