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Supply Connect Electricity Cyprus Service Center

Connecting Electricity to your Cyprus Property

You will find the electricity supply in Cyprus of a very high standard without any cause for concern or worry when connecting your new property.

There is a standing monthly charge for electricity supply in Cyprus of between €4.00-6.00, plus 10 cents per kW/hr on consumption during peak hours (07:00-23:00), and 8 cents per kW/hr during off peak hours.


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Cyprus uses the standard British BS 1363, 3-pin plug, 13A, 240V, 50Hz earthed and fused plug and will supply electricity to domestic premises according to the EAC in Cyprus.

Most new home owners or those renting in Cyprus will find it very easy to connect your electricity supply. You need to visit the nearest electricity authority WITH the contract of purchase or rental agreement for the property you wish to have supplied with electricity. Fill out the forms, pay the deposit and you will be connected. You can not be connected unless you produce the contract of purchase or rental!

Take the Following to the Electricity Authority:

  • A completed EAC Form No.13 or it will be available at their offices.

  • Identity document or passport

  • Proof of address (certificate of home ownership or rental contract) 

  • Payment for a deposit

Electricity supply requirements when building your own home or moving into a new home. In most cases your developer or builder will assist you in all such matters and is just a formality.

1. The use/consumption of electricity must be lawful.
2. An application for supply is submitted through the EAC offices.
3. The applicant on a newly built property shall contribute towards the cost of supply (capital contribution), in accordance with the current Connection Charge Policy of EAC.
4. The electrical installation on a newly built property of the applicant shall be inspected and approved by EAC, for compliance with the current rules and regulations for electrical installations.
5. Applications include the name, the postal address and the telephone number of the applicant, as well as Land Registry Office plan details of the premises, where electricity supply is required (i.e. sheet/plan number and plot number).

Documents Required

1. Building Permit.
2. Land Registry Office plan of the Building certified by the issuing Authority (official seal).
3. Details of the electrical load to be installed in detail.
4. Property in rural areas, applicants will benefit from EAC's Rural Area Policy (lower capital contribution towards the cost of supply).

Electricity Supply Contact Details in Cyprus

Customer Services Centers

Limassol Center 1

63 Kolonakiou Street | Shop 3B
4103 Agios Athanasios
Tel: +357 25 82 80 90 | Fax: +357 25 32 33 21

Limassol Center 2

55 Agiou Andreou Street
P.O. Box 50121
3601 Limassol
Tel: +357 25 20 50 00 | Fax: +357 25 20 50 09


57, Constantinou Palaiologou Str.
P.O.Box 40186
6301 Larnaka
Tel: + 357-24 20 40 00
Fax: +357-24 20 40 09 


5, Foti Pitta Str.
P.O.Box 21413
1508 Lefkosia
Tel.: +357-22 20 22 20
Fax: +357-22 20 22 22 


13 Tepeleniou Street
P.O. Box 60057
8100 Pafos
Tel: +357 26 20 60 00 | Fax: +357 26 20 60 09


1116 Arch. Makariou Street
8820 Polis
Tel: +357 26 32 13 15 | Fax: +357 26 32 27 94


4A, Protaras Ave.
5288 Paralimni
Tel: +357-23 82 12 77
Fax: +357-23 82 92 78 

Head Offices Nicosia

11, Amphipoleos Str.
2025 Strovolos
P.O.Box 24506
1399 Lefkosia Cyprus

Tel.: +357-22 20 10 00
Fax: +357-22 20 10 20

EAC Customer Service Hours

7:30 - 13:45 (Monday - Friday)
15:00 - 17:15 (Tuesdays; September - May)

EAC Web address:

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