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Domestic Water Supply Cyprus

Costs Connection - Domestic Drinking Water Cyprus

Your domestic water supply in Cyprus is managed by the government Water Authority of Cyprus (WAC). The water is drinkable but some people buy bottled water although the drinking tap water is perfectly healthy. In Cyprus, the drinking water is connected DIRECTLY to your drinking water tap and does NOT sit in your properties water deposit tank. Homes have TWO sets of taps in the kitchen: one is gravity feed from your water tank NOT to be used as drinking water only cooking and washing, and a drinking tap which as explained, is directly connected. The drinking water tap is normally a tap by itself and the hot and cold cooking/washing water taps are together, two taps and or combination. Should you accidentally drink from the wrong tap, it is not a problem at all do not worry. Your drinking water and your cooking/washing water are from the same supply, exactly, except the latter is stored in your water tank and the drinking water is DIRECTLY connected - no storage.


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A Little History

Some thirty years ago the government set about storing natural rain water and river water in newly built dams set high in the mountains. Many dams were built and this ended most rivers from flowing into the sea. It is very difficult to see any rivers with water in them in Cyprus due to the damming process and you may only see a river high in the mountains with relativity little water flowing.

Connecting Your Water Meter in Cyprus

To connect your meter, simply visit your local water authority, paying around 30 Euros deposit and providing your address, ID details (Passport), a previous invoice for the property and the meter reading and its number. In the case of a new property water connection, you will need to take with you the contract of sale. The standard quarterly fixed cost is around 12 Euro plus the water consumption cost is set on a sliding scale, the more you use the higher the rate. Water rates vary slightly from area to area.

Cubic meters   

Cost in Euros

  1-30 m3  €0.09
 31-60 m3  €0.43
 61-75 m3  €1.37
 76-90 m3  €1.88
      90+ m3  €2.14

Your water meter is read every quarter, actual reading and sometimes it is estimated. Invoices are sent to your address and you can pay cash or arrange a standing order with your bank.

Your water bill per quarter should be under 50 Euros unless you have a large family, have a leak, a large garden, a swimming pool or waste water.  Cyprus is presently short of water due to a lack of rain for the last two years - November 2008. All of us must make every effort to save water. We have had good rain falls during the winter of 2008/9 and the dams are back up to good levels but please use all water carefully and recycle at all times. IT IS A MUST. Comments added - July 2009.

Pafos WAC Customer Service Center

63 Kolonakiou Street
4103 Pafos
Tel: +357 26 93 23 74 | Mobile: +357 99 60 36 22

Or, 26943045  email:

Limassol WAC Customer Service Center

66 Franklin Roosevelt Street
4103 Limassol
Tel: +357 25 83 00 00

Water Board Of Larnaca

12 A. Korai, Larnaka City,

Larnaca, Cyprus

Phone: 24822400

WAC Customer Service Hours

8:00 - 12:00 (Monday - Friday)


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