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Cyprus Council of Ministers - Purchase Property

Cyprus Council of Ministers

By Andrew Sharpe - Updated 30th March 2017

The permission (permit) from the Cyprus Council of Ministers is required for the transfer of the real estate property, new home, or investment property to a non-Cypriot's (foreigner's) name, except EU citizens permanently living in Cyprus, who do not need the council of ministers approval. This process is a formality and granted in all cases unless you have a dire criminal record or are on the FBI's most wanted list.

Note: If there is no title deed for the property purchased, the application to the Council of Ministers would be delayed until such time as the title deed is ready to be transferred to your name.

Your lawyer in Cyprus will arrange these matters for you together with the other documentation required when purchasing property.

An application to the Cyprus Council of Ministers should be accompanied by:

Personal details of applicant

Financial standing of applicant

Particulars of the property

Particulars of present owner

Terms of payment

Type of acquisition (i.e. freehold, leasehold, shares in property company name, etc.)

The permit is subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

The costs to be paid in foreign currency

All taxes to be paid

The permit is issued for the specific property and use only

The whole application procedure to the Council of Ministers can take from 10 months up to one year. However, during that time there is no restriction on taking possession of the property and, as the legal owner, you would be entitled to resell or rent the property.


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