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Certificate of Final Approval

Your Property Must Have its Certificate of Final Approval

By Andrew Sharpe

Your properties certificate of final approval is applied for after all checks for conformity are finalised when the building is completed through independent professional inspectors according to your regional Town Planning Office permissions; the Planning Department and Building Department. The certificate of final approval must be completed; this certificate verifies your property meets its building/planning permits issued from your local authorities in Cyprus and you have had the construction carried out correctly and you have received what you have paid for. The certificate is a very important document as it leads on to the next step in the process and without which you CAN NOT apply for your Title Deeds. It is very important before you purchase any property your lawyer ensures you that the certificate of final approval will be available.

To ensure all such matters are correctly followed you may consider appointing your own architect, civil or structural engineer who will:

1) Ensure the building plans are all correct and submitted to the local authorities for approval

2) The planning and building permits are issued before construction starts

3) The construction process follows the plans

4) Coordinate with ALL local authorities to ensure the property is built according to each rule/requirement

5) Apply to the local authorities for the certificate of final approval

The above process can be followed when building any property, off plan, restored village house, or you are renovating your home. You have every right to appoint your own civil engineer and no developer can refuse as it is in their interests to achivve the same goal.

Finally, we highly recommend appointing your own architect, civil or structural engineer to ensure this complicated process is carried out correctly and you receive your certificate of final approval and then, your title deeds.


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