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Cyprus Resale Villas - Quality Construction Check Title Deeds

Assessing the Quality of Cyprus Resale Villas - Title Deeds

We have a wide variety of Cyprus resale villas but let us look at the quality of the property first, together with a few other important points, before you sign any contracts and especially properties with title deeds.

Location of Cyprus Resale Villa

Remember that one day you might sell the resale villa you will purchase. Therefore, you need to put your excitement and enthusiasm to one side when you see the perfect resale villa in Cyprus and put your business hat on and think resale potential. We are all drawn to the magic and charm of certain properties that tick all the right boxes on our wish list, but think logically and practically first about: the location, the property's potential increase in value, its resale demand and its distance to local amenities. Think resale potential!

Assessing the Condition of Resale Villas for Sale in Cyprus

  • Common Sense: It is very important that you thoroughly inspect the villa throughout, inside and out, using a little common sense, although we realize this may not always be an easy undertaking for everyone.

  • Compare: Initially, compare the various houses you are viewing in Cyprus as a guide for good quality. Good quality houses stand out from poor quality properties.

  • Cracks: When viewing four to five houses in one day, look for cracks both inside and outside. Driveways and boundary walls should not have any cracks. If a villa for sale has just been painted, look very closely at the walls, as some cracks may have been covered up.

  • Wooden Fixtures: Wooden fixtures should be free of damage or any bugs that leave telltale little holes. Inspect all wooden fixtures very carefully, look under the surface, so to speak.

  • Double Glazing: Doors and windows should be a tight fit. Shake them to check this, especially double-glazed sliding windows. No point having double-glazing if the window is loose allowing air to pass through.

  • Ceramics: Floor and bathroom tiles should be well laid with no obvious faulty workmanship. Use a broomstick to tap several tiles to make sure they are well laid and do not sound hollow which would mean they do not have enough cement to secure them permanently.

  • Ceilings and walls should have a smooth, even finish. Look down the line of a wall to see if it is straight and well finished.

  • Kitchens need inspection for their finished quality. Notice how the kitchen units fit together and whether the edges are clean and smooth. Check inside and under the units for any signs of damp or poor finishing.

  • Damp can occur in Cyprus if protection was not laid in the construction stage. Look for rising damp around the inside and outside of the house.

  • Swimming Pools need close inspection to ensure the construction has no cracks or leaks. Check the pump room too for its general condition.

  • Services: Turn on the air conditioning and central heating and make sure they work correctly and that the central heating boiler is in good working order and condition.

  • Electric and water supplies: Check they are all working correctly. Should you find the perfect resale villa in Cyprus, before you sign on the dotted line please contact a professional company to carry out a house inspection. Structural and civil engineers undertake this work in Cyprus, charging around C£250 for professionally documented property surveys.

Finally and once again, before purchasing any resale property in Cyprus, think for its resale potential first!

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