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Cyprus Penthouses for Sale - Housing Committee - Common Expenses

Cyprus Penthouses for Sale - High Living Without the Lows

Cyprus penthouses for sale are becoming ever more popular with their esteemed image, privacy and those views. There are two types of penthouses in Cyprus: the ‘true' penthouse - a single property on the top floor and penthouses consisting of two or three properties on the top floor. When discussing penthouses for sale in Cyprus, make sure you fully understand which type is being referred to.

Advice when Considering Purchasing a Cyprus Penthouse for Sale

  • Housing Committee: Each apartment block normally as a voluntary housing committee made up of a small number of residents who manage the accounts, administer the building's rules, deal with complaints and are available to discuss any matters with each tenant.

  • Common Expenses: The housing committee calculates the monthly common expenses. These expenses cover: cleaning and maintaining the common areas, communal pool, lift maintenance, lighting of common areas (electricity costs) and any repairs and maintenance of common area.

  • How are common expenses calculated in an apartment block? They are normally calculated per square meter of the total living area of each property. This includes covered and uncovered living areas. Therefore, if a penthouse is 200m2 in total and an apartment on the first floor is 100m2, the penthouse would be charged per month twice as much as the first floor apartment for common expenses. Common expenses vary but as a guideline would be around €45 per month for a penthouse and around €60 per month for a penthouse with a pool.

  • Privacy: Make sure that if there is common access to the roof you are not overlooked by everyone living in the apartment block when they decide to go on the roof.

  • Common Areas: The roof is a common area and, as such, comes under the common expenses of the building. The cost of any repairs or maintenance to the roof is shared between the tenants.

  • Property Insulation: Yes, it gets hot in Cyprus, causing the roof and the living areas of a penthouse to become very hot unless the roof has heat insulation!

  • Property Maintenance: Water tanks and solar heating systems are normally placed on the roof of apartment blocks in Cyprus. Check, and have checked through the committee on a regular basis, that these facilities are maintained properly as one day they will start leaking.

  • Lifts to a Penthouse: Lifts in apartment blocks are great except when they break down, as it's a heck of a walk to the top floor with your shopping bags in tow. Regular maintenance is necessary and, if possible, two lifts in an apartment block are better. Unless walking up stairs is your thing, in which case, good for you.

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