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Cyprus Development Property - Investment Benefits

Investment Benefits - Cyprus Development Property

By Andrew Sharpe

Investment Development Properties in Cyprus and the Benefits

We have a large selection of Cyprus investment developement properties on our web site: Villas - Houses - Penthouses - Golf Property - Apartments - Maisonettes - Beach Front and Town Houses in Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Protaras, Ayia Napa, Paralimni and Nicosia. However, before you precede any further, let's look at why the Cyprus investment property market offers unparalleled benefits to all prospective property investors.

  • Market Leader: One of Europe's leading property markets, established through years of satisfied property investors

  • Europe: Member of the EU since May 2004

  • Euro: The currency of Cyprus is the Euro since 1 January in 2008, providing an even stronger market economy

  • Demand: Constant property growth based on increased tourist demand and an exceptionally strong domestic market

  • Buy-to-Let: Increase in tourism stimulating demand for rental properties (buy-to-let investment)

  • UK Pension: Receive your UK pension directly in Cyprus

  • Pensions: No tax on capital sums from approved funds, i.e. pensions

  • Low Taxes: Capital gains at only 20% and no tax on lump sums on retirement

  • Profit of Sale: No tax on profits of sale of private companies including investment properties

  • Double Taxation: Double taxation agreement with 40 countries, reducing your tax liabilities

  • Inheritance Tax: Being a permanent resident, you have no inheritance tax. However, this has other implications requiring professional advice Contact Us

  • Corporate Tax: Advantageous tax system with only 10% corporate tax - You can now set up your business without a local partner

  • Retirement Tax: Retirement income taxed at 5%, unlike the UK where it is as much as 40%

  • Overseas Dividends: No tax on overseas dividends and interest

  • Equities: Profit from the sale of equities exempt from capital gains tax

  • Infrastructure: Excellent modern infrastructure, transport and telecommunications with millions of pounds being invested now throughout the island on roads, golf courses, hospitals, airports, and marinas, increasing the potential growth of your investment

  • Financial Services: Modern efficient banking and accounting services with mortgages being very easy to obtain through many local banks

  • British Based: Legal system based on UK standards with all lawyers fluent in English and many having studied in the UK for their law degree

  • Friendly Family Environment: Lower priced property than Spain, Portugal and France and a friendly environment with most locals speaking English

  • Stability: Economically stable due to a very a strong domestic market

  • Living Expenditure: Low cost of living with excellent local fresh produce

  • Free Trade: Free market economy where one can buy, sell and trade locally and worldwide with no restrictions

  • Growing Economy: Expected tourism growth of more than 4% over the next 10 years providing continued growth throughout the Cyprus market, especially the property market

  • Low Crime Rate: Extremely low crime rate where you can walk freely without worrying about your personal safety or that of your home and family - Peace of mind is priceless


  • Just a great place to live a long with many benefits

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