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Cyprus Land for Sale – Permits Plots Agricultural

 Cyprus Land for Sale - Considering Building your Own Home?

By Andrew Sharpe

We have a good selection of Cyprus land for sale, either building or agricultural lands, with many happy clients who have purchased land to design-build their own beautiful homes. However, let us look at the different types of land, which you may purchase.

Building Land (Plots) in Cyprus Towns and Villages

Building land 'plots' are normally close to or in the main towns and villages. Land for sale in Cyprus is subject to various regulations and is normally sold in smaller building plot sizes varying from 250m2 to around 1,000m2. The land, depending on its location, is zoned and through this has a building percentage density against which one can build. To explain: If you have, for easy math's, a plot of 1,000m2 and the building density is 20%, you can build a house of up to 200m2 covered living area (20% of 1,000m2). Building density can vary from 1% to 150% depending on the whereabouts of the plot. This needs checking first as it directly affects the value of the land and what you can build. Rules govern the number of floors you can build too, normally a maximum of 4 floors for in-town plots and a maximum of 2 floors for out-of-town plots. These plots have all required available services: water, electricity, roads and telephones.

Agricultural Land to Build your Home in Cyprus

As the name implies, agricultural land in Cyprus is used for or considered land for farming and crop cultivation in or around the villages. This land is normally sold in larger areas from 2,000m2 to anything up to 50,000m2 plus. We doubt though that you will need 50,000m2 unless you are planning a golf course or a country resort. You can purchase 4,000m2 to 8,000m2 and build your dream house.

Building Density

Agricultural land allows you to build ONLY one house. Normally the density is 6%, although it can be as much as 10% and as little as 1%.

Easy math's: - If you are considering purchasing 4,000m2 of agricultural land with 6% density, you can build a house with 240m2 covered living area (6% of 4,000m2). However, most agricultural land for sale in Cyprus does not have telephones, electricity, or water inside the land, although it must have a road within 100 meters of the land for planning permission to be granted. The price of this land is cheaper than a building plot but you must also consider the fact that you will have to bring these services to the land at your own expense. Normally, these services are taken from the closest available source to the land. When purchasing land for sale in Cyprus these points are very important and need clarification and considerable study. Contact your lawyer in Cyprus before finalizing any contract or paying any money in advance.

Cyprus Property and Title Deeds

The seller of any land will have the title deeds and a topographical map of the area with the plot marked. Check them and ask for a copy of both for your lawyer. Some advice: Unless you are fluent in Greek, do not kid yourself you can determine if the plot you are standing on is the same plot on the title deed and highlighted on the topographical map and that it has all the permits and legal requirements you must have to build a property. We have been in Cyprus 30 years, read and write Greek reasonably well and speak well, but we struggle with maps simply because you HAVE TO BE 100% sure. Collect this information and hand it over to your lawyer in Cyprus to check every aspect of the process of purchasing land for sale in Cyprus. More advice: If any real estate agent or ‘person' in Cyprus advises you to arrange the land purchase yourself without a lawyer, we can only suggest you do your ‘Road Running' impersonation and make dust. Included in this list of technical words for your Cyprus property lawyer are: 

  • Building Density
  • Sheet Number
  • Plan Reference
  • Plot Number
  • Site Plan
  • Planning Zone
  • Planning Permit
  • Building Permit
  • Plus many more

Town Planning Authority Cyprus

Planning and building permits from the local authorities are needed to build any property. Make sure the land for sale, building plot or agricultural land, which you are thinking of purchasing conforms to the local authorities' requirements and that you are guaranteed these permits via your lawyer.

Concerned About Buying Land in Cyprus?

There is no problem whatsoever to purchase land and build your dream home. Allow at least 2 years to finish the property although it may take longer as you cannot start building until the planning and building permits are issued, which may take three to six months or more. However, you must always use the services of a lawyer when purchasing land for sale in Cyprus.

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