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Cyprus Bespoke Home

Designing & Building Your Own Cyprus Bespoke Home.

By Andrew Sharpe

Are you thinking about designing and building your own Cyprus bespoke home? It is possible to do so, albeit not as easy as purchasing a ready built property that you can see and touch. The difficulty stems from your having to make all the decisions from a drawing, pictures, and many ideas buzzing around your head.

Planning to Design Build?

The expertise of has assisted many clients through this process and together we can build your dream home. In Cyprus, team work is the key to success. Starting from your ideas, your architect, the construction crew and Cyprusprop who all become one united force working to achieve your goal: - the perfect design-build bespoke home for you. We have added three design-build bespoke homes to our web site for your information and clarification through pictures, to better understand the construction process. One of the homes is in Latchi near Paphos while the other two are in Limassol. Below are the basic steps in this process although please contact us for any further information you may require.

The Process of Designing and Building Your Own Cyprus Home

The first steps to design-build your own bespoke home in Cyprus is to view with you many plots of land in the town location/area of your choice. Then, having decided on the land, we move on to the design. Following your directions, our architects will produce a set of drawings on which you can make changes etc until you have designed your dream home. In order for you to decide on the type of house and ALL internal/external features, sizes etc and of course ultimately, the finished design/style, we suggest the following before you fly to Cyprus. Please look through magazines on houses, cut out pictures of houses, kitchens, bathrooms, gardens, etc, and bring them with you. This will assist both you and the architect in your basic design, not that we wish to copy any design, but it is not so easy just through words to express all your Cyprus property needs. And as they say, 'A picture paints a thousand words'.

Getting the Final Design and Size Correct

Finally, rooms sizes. Please measure your own home including the sizes of its rooms and use this information as a guide when specifying the size of, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, etc., of your new home. Remember, the larger the house the more it will cost and, more importantly, you could end up with your dream home whose room sizes are NOT what you thought they would be, which could spoil the dream. Through your ideas, our architect will deliver your dream home; the more input, thoughts and suggestions we have from you, the closer your dream will be to reality. To design and build your own home takes around 16 months. Payments are normally 1/3 of the total value up front on signing the contract and the balance paid upon completion of specified construction stages. All of this will be written in your contract and agreed by all parties.



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