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Basturma Sausages - Heroic Amounts of Garlic & Paprika - Palate Extraordinaire

Posted on June 28, 2009

Basturma sausages we believe originate from Armenian and most likely the Armenian's living in Cyprus graciously served up this sensational palate punching explosive, never to be forgotten, extraordinaire to the Cyprus menu.

Basturma is beef sausage with heroic amounts of garlic, pepper, paprika and a few other herbs and spices marinated in red wine for around two weeks and then the sausage is made and hung out to dry and cure.

You can cook Basturma in the oven "grill' for around 20 minutes, no more, or on the barbeque for around 10 to 15 minutes. Very little cooking is require because of the marinating and curing which just about makes the sausage ready to eat without cooking. Make sure you keep turning the Basturma whilst cooking and cook slowly on a low heat.

We tend to cook Basturma on the barbeque when we have a Souvla and gently grill them under the Souvla as a nibble served with fresh lemon from our lemon tree. Basturma is a never to be forgotten explosion of flavours and delights hitting the palate which so simply combines with a glass or two of dry red wine.


And on YOUTUBE our own Basturma video

Cheers and bon appetit. Andrew



The secret for this Hot sausage, is you can only have a bit at a time.... It is like dynamite...for short nibbles...for starters.
see you soon... and Kali Oreksi ( good apetite...

Jennifer Sharpe

They are even better during the colder months of the year with a bit of Zivania :)

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