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I Walk Beside You Always

Posted on May 13, 2016

I Walk Beside You Always

(Poem written by Rhoda Hutton in the voice and words of my son Stefanos P. Sharpe who left this world on 12.6.2014 at the age of 24 years)

I hate to see the pain you're in
The suffering, the sadness.
I wish you could just think of me
With a heart that's full of gladness

If I'd had my time again
And a different life on earth
I could have lived with far less love
Had you not gave me birth

I feel so blessed to have had so much and
I know that I would rather
Have my short time with our family
And you, a special father

I want to see you smile again
No face that's etched with grief
Or I'll feel I've robbed you of happiness
And I am not a thief

Our love is an unbroken bond
If I am not mistaken
So think of what I gave to you
And not what has been taken

I walk beside you always
I lie with you at night
I'm in your heart. I'm in your soul
Though I may be out of sight

I don't want to be a burden
Lying heavy on you dad
Or see you struggle through each day
As that just makes me sad

Let me do for you, what you did for me
You'd never make me cry
Let me warm your heart, ease the pain
And lift your spirits high

When that awful loss comes over you
When your mind is over run
Let me see it ease away
So I know you've listened to your son

By Rhoda Hutton

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