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World Cup England

Posted on June 16, 2010

England My England - WORLD CUP

Where to start with this mess, let me try to keep is short and simple.

1. Wayne Rooney, because of the yellow card situation, can NOT play his natural game and be the 100 % Wayne we all know. If WR can only be 80% of himself, which he has been for the first two games, he should not be in the team. The only player we have for centre forward who can be himself 100% and play his natural game (hold the ball up, link play up, pass, dribble, control, shot, head and score gaols is Peter Crouch.

2. We have played two games with a 4,4,2 format. You can see using this system we have lost the mid-field and any control of the game. To win games, all games, we must use a 4,5,1 format with Peter Crouch being the forward.

3. With WR only playing 80% then by having Steven Gerard at left wing-back, not his best position, he too can only be 80% effective or less. In for England to be at their best we must have the best players and all players playing in their nature position.

4. With the 4,5,1 format - SG must be in his best position just behind PC and with Frank Lampard making runs into the box like Martin Peters, (ghost runs) 1966 for FL to be at his best.

5. We won the world cup in 1966 with the best team and only the best team will win the world cup and presently we do not have a team only a group of individual players and this is the fault of FC. Why.

a) We are competing against the world so do we really need to make more competition for places in the team with the FC system. NO.

b) The first team is known; with known player options for a plan b or c during the game, assuming FC has a plan a or b.? The time of IN-HOUSE competition should have stopped just before we came to the world cup and the only competition they ALL should be focusing on are the opponents, and,

c) This would have generated more team spirit, camaraderie and one team.

d) FC discipline is fine to a point, but he has not realised by now that you can not control genius, if you try, you simple kill the genius and are left with ordinary - As the players are showing right now, the ordinary or less!

e) FC has the opinion that he is always right and does not get it wrong, only the team gets it wrong. We all make mistakes, Robert Green, that is how life is and until FC realises this we are doomed. i.e.

f) Let me explain, in the last game he changed like for like, Lennon for Wright-Phillips and Crouch for Heskey - what does this tell you? FC has his tactics right and the players are just playing poor, not his fault. By changing the tactics during the game FC would be saying, he got his tactics wrong.

g) Dire management - What has FC told every player by not saying one word to any of them by replacing Robert Green two hours only before kick-off. Make a mistake and the whole of the English press and every person in the Uk will slaughter you and he will drop you immediately. And.

h) Did you see the fear in the players' eyes, especially the eyes, in the Algeria game? I have NEVER seen such fear in any player before only possibly in a street fight when the losers knows before hand they would lose the fight.

i) By dropping Robert Green, bearing in mind he made a great save in the second half to keep the game at 1-1, FB has told the whole team he will NOT back them when a mistake is made. So do not expect loyalty from the team since there is no loyalty from the management. FB should have keep RG in gaol, and this would have sent a fantastic message to the players, boosted confidence and allowed them to play their best game knowing if a fault is made as it will be, the manager will back all and any player.

And finally, if FC does not make serious changes and arrange/agree to do them before Wednesday, he should be sacked NOW as we will be going out of the World cup on Wednesday or the next game because of the above.

What will FC lose by England going out of the world cup in the next two games, no money and little good will which will be made up with his next soon appointment. What will England lose; there are not enough pages to put it all down on.

Andrew  - Please Mr Capello - Prove me wrong.

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