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Ferry Boat Service from to Greece Cyprus Summer 2009

Posted on April 12, 2009

Ferry Boat Service from to Greece Cyprus Summer 2009

Latest News - not good news. 20.5.09.

Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, we have stopped offering tickets for ferry boat passage between Limassol, Cyprus and Greece for the 2009 season. We hope to be able to offer this service again in 2010. Varianos Travel Nicosia.

We have had, over the years, numerous clients needing to travel to Cyprus via ferryboat as they do not fly or do not like to fly. About five years ago, this service was available from mainly Greece incorporating the summer tourist trade but was stopped due to the troubles in Israel. Fortunately, it has started again but the information is not so easy to find; so here it is below from a Nicosia based travel agency specialising in cruises and we quote from their web site with their address and contact details at the bottom of the page.

''There is again a limited passenger ferry boat service between Greece and Cyprus for the Summer season of 2009. Corresponding ports to Limassol will only be Rhodes, Pireaus and Ayios Nicolaos in Crete. The ferries are for passengers only and will not be transporting any cars or other vehicles. The schedules presented below are subject to change. The confirmed sailings are only for May and June. It is possible that passage on more sailings will be available but we are not in a position to confirm this at this time. Contact us at: for more information and bookings.''


2009 Ferry boat schedule departures from Limassol Cyprus to Greece

Departures FROM Limassol
Date   Day Time   Arrival port Date   Day Time
03/05/09   Sunday 15:00   Piraeus 05/05/09   Tuesday 9:00
08/05/09   Friday 18:00   Rhodes 09/05/09   Saturday 13:00
25/05/09   Monday 14:00   Piraeus 27/05/09   Wednesday 10:00
29/05/09   Friday 17:00   Rhodes 30/05/09   Saturday 19:30
05/06/09   Friday 16:00   Ayios Nicolaos 06/06/09   Saturday 16:00
15/06/09   Monday 15:00   Ayios Nicolaos 16/06/09   Tuesday 15:00



2009 Ferry boat schedule between Greek ports and Limassol, Cyprus

Departures FOR Limassol
Date   Day Time   Departure port Date   Day Time
07/05/09   Thursday 17:00   Rhodes 08/05/09   Friday 11:00
10/05/09   Sunday 14:00   Rhodes 11/05/09   Monday 8:00
21/05/09   Thursday 19:00   Rhodes 22/05/09   Friday 13:00
27/05/09   Wednesday 19:00   Pireaus 29/05/09   Friday 11:00
31/05/09   Sunday 16:00   Rhodes 01/06/09   Monday 10:00
07/06/09   Sunday 12:00   Ayios Nicolaos 08/06/09   Monday 12:00
17/06/09   Wednesday 20:00   Pireaus 19/06/09   Friday 12:00
18/06/09   Thursday 18:00   Rhodes 19/06/09   Friday 12:00
25/06/09   Thursday 19:00   Rhodes 26/06/09   Friday 13:00


Indicative 2009 ferry boat prices to Greece from Limassol, Cyprus

''We are not ready with the prices for the ferry crossings between Greece and Cyprus. We will be presenting the fares here soon. In the meantime contact us: with details on the dates you wish to travel by ferry to give you a quote.''

Varianos Travel

8, C. Pantelides Avenue, P. O. Box 22107, 1517 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: 357 22680500 / 22667772, Fax: 357 22669676





Tom Howard

Great news as the service has been very limited in recent years and most years - no service at all - and for those of us who do not fly, even better news.

Many thanks for the excellent news and post.



Hi There

Good to see this post and important information.

Many thanks



Great news and great website. Might bring some extra foot traffic to the streets of Cyprus!

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