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A Poem of Passion and Desire

Posted on April 03, 2010

Romeo & Juliet


She whispers my name

So gentle and sweet

As I pass her by

Calling me closer, ever closer

Until I hear my Juliet's

Tender words

Take me take me, I'm yours.

A passion so strong

A love without end

There's no rival to compare

With her mystical flair

I'm lost in utter bliss

Drawing her beauty deep inside

She surrounds me in an hypnotic cloud

As I hold her so close to my wanting lips

Embracing my Juliet with such a passion

Really is the closest thing to a glorious haven.

We've gone our separate ways now

It couldn't go on

Doctors advice, you know how it is?

She has moved on to a new lover

But! She still whispers my name

As I pass her by

And complains about her new guy.

She enquires after my kids

But!! I can't tell her the truth

They're the ones who parted us

Separated Romeo from his Juliet

When they said, Dad!!

You really must give up

Those dammed rotten

Smelly Romeo y Julieta

Cuban Cigars


A Sharpe




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