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Cyprus Snakes - Do You Which Ones Are Dangerous - And What To Do If You Meet One?

Posted on June 04, 2013

We had the occasion to find a snake on a veranda just above my office. The house owner understood about snakes and was determine to catch it or kill it, if need be. See the pictures - I am the one behind the camera.

Normal pool, looks inviting. Turquoise pool pump cover in the left foreground where the snake is hiding

Swimming Pool

Cyprus Snake

Close Up And Personel

Snake controller

We did not want to kill the snake but having it in your home is not possible

Dead Snake

The snake does not need huge amounts a power to kill it. Strike it on the spine 2 or 4 times with a stick or bloom handle and it will die.

Holding the snake

The wise and brave man who ejected the snake. I am, naturally, behind the camera

In Cyprus a little knowledge of local snakes is important, if you are not sure use the internet or ask locally.

Snake in your home

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