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It’s a Dog’s Life - Legal Provisions Relating To Man’s Best Friend in Cyprus.

Posted on March 14, 2013

L.G. Zambartas LLC

Ray - Found by Tatiana in Limassol Fluffy Cyprus Poddle Diesel -  Cyprus Dog

By Louise Zambartas

It's a Dog's Life

It's great when readers make requests for articles on certain topics and this month I was asked to take a look at the law relating to dogs in Cyprus.  So, here are a few of the most important things you need to know about the legal provisions relating to man's best friend in Cyprus.  The relevant legislation is the Cyprus Dogs Law 184 (I) 2002.

Strays in Cyprus

Responsibility for stray dogs lies with the local authority in the area within which the stray is found.

Dog Ownership Requirements

Dogs in Cyprus are required to be licensed.  Fines exist for those who fail to obtain a license.  In order to obtain the necessary license, an owner must take his dog to a vet to be micro chipped, issued with a health certificate, entered on the central database of dogs and issued with a registration certificate.

The owner must then take the registration certificate and health certificates to the local council and pay the prescribed fee in order to be issued with the dog license.

A license may be refused or removed on the grounds that:

·        The dog is dangerous;

·        The dog is a nuisance;

·        The dog's breed is of a prohibited type;

·        The owner is younger than 16 years;

·        The owner contravenes animal welfare law;

·        The owner cannot provide a suitable home for the dog;

·        Where living conditions of the dog create a threat to public health or to that of other animals;

·       The dog has been abandoned;

·       The dog has escaped;

·       The dog is held at a place where he has no permission from the owner of that land to be;

   The owner does nothing to prevent his dog from wandering the streets, defecating and causing annoyance in      spite of receiving a notice of warning from the local authority.

Special additional provisions exist for registration of hunting dogs with the Director of the Hunting Union.

Transfer of ownership

Where a dog is sold or ownership is otherwise transferred, then the license must correspondingly be transferred into the name of the new owner by attendance of seller and buyer at the relevant local authority.

Loss of a Dog

If a dog is lost or stolen then this should be reported to the local authority and the police.

Display of Sign

A "Beware of the Dog" sign should be displayed at any residence or location where a dog is kept in order to warn people entering the property that the dog is there.

Troublesome Dogs

Where a dog is a nuisance (in other words where it unlawfully interferes with a person's reasonable use and enjoyment of his/her own immovable property or a right relating to it) then a complaint can be made to the local authority who have the power to remove the license for that dog.  An affected party may have a claim under the Civil Wrongs Law (Cap 148) if he can show he has suffered damage as a result of the nuisance and prove that such an interference has occurred.  In such cases, the court will need to determine a fair balance between the rights of the person affected by the nuisance and those of the dog owner.

Mistreated Dogs

If a dog is being mistreated then the local authority has the power to inspect any home or site where the dog is held in order to ensure there is no risk to public health or security, safety and welfare of humans.

If an owner is suspected of animal cruelty then the District Animal Welfare Committee may undertake an investigation and where appropriate may confiscate the dog and place it with a welfare organization or other interested party. 

Dangerous Dogs

Certain breeds are prohibited from entering the Republic of Cyprus, these are:

·        American pit bull/pit bull terrier;

·        Argentinian Mastiff/Dogo Argentino;

·        Brazilian Mastiff/Fila Brasileiro;

·        Japanese Tosa.

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