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Old School Picture - Distington School Workington Cumbria UK

Posted on January 15, 2013

I had the pleasure of stumbling across a Facebook page for our high school at Lillyhall Distington, Cumbria, England. Having joined the page and posted a few OMG (Oh my God!) wonders at the folk you had forgotten and those you remember and their present day looks - its only been around 42 years since we all left and went our separate ways - to come across this gem of a picture from our junior school in Distington.

Distington Junior School Workington Cumbria England

Thank you to Sue for posting this picture which takes my back to about the age of 10 or 11, this would be about 1964/5. We had school outings and this one was at Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway in southern Cumbria on the North West coastline of England not far from Scotland.
Unfortunately I am not in this picture but these were my school mates and I remember most of them today and the great friendships we had. Surprising how good every one looks in their Sunday best, as Sue suggested. I recall never being this well dressed as we were poorer than church mice and normally, having two elder sisters, worn their hand-me-down-clothes to school. For Christmas we all received, that is my two sisters and 5 brothers, an apple each in our Christmas stocking and through my whole life our parents never gather us any pocket money - not a penny - because there was no extra money in them days.
Wonderful memories and great days, yes we were poor but we had the sea, skies, rivers, lakes, mountains, trees, fields and Mother Nature in all her glory as our best friend and they all came free of charge and we were happy with what we had and we had a wonderful childhood.

Thank you to Sue for posting and allowing me the use this wonderful picture - Andrew


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