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Ikea Nicosia Cyprus – Taking Lessons from Facebook

Posted on July 20, 2012

Ikea Nicosia Cyprus - Taking Lessons from Facebook

I went with the kids to Ikea in Nicosia and spent my weekly pocket money allowance; times are hard, of 7.45 Euros on a beautiful expendable shaving mirror.

So far so good! - Having received my 2.55 Euros change I was directly asked by my cashier, "Where do I live" and to my surprise the question was a serious one, as I could hear the other cashiers asking their clientele the same question.

Seldom things up set me as I tend to be a very laid back guy, but if some one stops you in the street and asked you personal questions you would must likely use one or two 'not so nice words' to tell them to go away or be either very rude to them or just totally ignore them. So what gives Ikea the right to ask me personal questions, because I spent 7.45 Euros there?

I emailed my feelings to Ikea but no reply, thus far, and of course I told the cashier 'in very nice terms' of my thoughts and there is NO CHANCE IN HELL SHE OR ANYONE IN IKEA WILL EVERY KNOW ANY OF MY PERSONAL INFORMATION. And of course I asked her to express my thoughts to the general manager.

Should I receive a reply from Ikea, I will let you know.

Andrew Admin



Troy Beringer

I justify completely the way you feel about the inproper asking of personal qustions, especially in such awkward situations like the one with the shopping in IKEA. The noteworthy furniture chain definitely made a mistake in one direction- they didn't explain its cleintele why they would like to know the answer of the question. Probably they need this information for their personal statistics polls, who knows..

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