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Save a Tree (Forest) and Avoid Signing Documents at your Bank

Posted on February 17, 2010

''Save a tree...please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to!'' not sign any guarantor's agreements for your son at the bank as they get you to sign enough papers to save about 20 trees or a small forest.

Our son Harry ask me to be his guarantor at his bank today, no problem I thought until the reams of papers to sign came out and then later today I received an email with the words at the bottom of
the email ''Save a tree...please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to!'' 

Yikes! Forget about printing off an email, which most folks do not do. Think of all the corporate paper we all casually 'yet properly' use to whittle away the forests? Possibly corporate Mama could look at ways to save a forest, daily or hourly?

We have carried out a great deal of environmental work in varied forms and applications in our life. We all need to understand, plant earth is our only home. Protect mother earth as you would your own home. Andrew.


P.S. We will add some of our environmental activities here later.


London removals

Nice Work Harry.I appreciate your work and I will try to save trees everywhere not only in forest. Because trees are very important part of our environment.

kingston removal

Trees and plants are the most important part of our environment, they inhale carbon dioxide it means they reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, we should prevent their life.

Wimbledon Removal

In today world where technology grows so fast, we neglect some basics of our life and thought money makes our life reliable, pants and trees defiantly are the part of our society, so we should take care of them.


We should try to save trees because they are most important to safe us from pollution,which is so dangerous for us.

Merton Removals

For Our healthy trees and plants are so important.We should try to save them because they save us from pollution.Thanks for the article.

Fashion Women

Trees and plants provide us fresh air, which plays vital role in fresh skin, we should save plants and trees because for our health and also for the jewelry of earth,

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