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Cyprus Property Justice Finally - The Orams Case

Posted on January 19, 2010

The below is taken our original blog on the 29th of April 2009 with an update today, 19th of January 2010, taken from the Famagusta Gaazette.

Read more from the: Famagusta Gazette

The EU's top court has backed the right of a Greek Cypriot to reclaim land in Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus that has since been sold to a UK couple.
Imagine, you and your neighbour have an argument or two, your neighbour has a big brother "the bully" and they think it is okay to throw you and your family out of your home and land. That makes sense I suppose, happens all the time - no problem. A long comes a chap with some cash in hand, fancies the property or land and the bully decides to sell your property or land to the "cash in hand". Obviously that is perfectly ok as well, selling land which legally does NOT belong to you happens all the time, perfectly normal.
Okay, so this could be a script from some nonsense movie, a 'B' movie, but it has actually happened in North Cyprus many times over and there are many "cash in hand" buyers who also think buying property or land which legally belongs to someone else is okay.
35 Years Later - JUSTICE. Read more from the: Famagusta Gazette
Please excuse me for being so dumb but I have to ask the question: Why does anyone think it is okay to buy property or land and then sell that property or land which legally, does NOT belong to them?

In the southern areas of Cyprus, Turkish property or land is used by Cypriots but it can only be rented via Government control. It can not be purchased or sold to anyone. Had the northern areas of Cyprus adopted the same policies, we would ALL not be in this mess which is going to cause great heartaches for ALL, no matter what happens.


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