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Sara - History Development

History of "Sara"


We set up our first web site with a total of 56 properties, today the new web site holds around 3,000 properties for sale in Cyprus and was in development for 18 months.

There are many features in the new web site, which we affectionately called "Sara" whilst she was evolving with her programmers and developers via our thousands of requests and millions of changes. Sara's development team is in America and we must say a huge thanks to Alex and especially Linda and Nicole over at

The final all-important touches to Sara and her never ending development, because the internet never stands still, are in the gifted hands of Carmen whom we will always be indebted to. Carmen from Touch Tech Romania has amongst many tasks validated Sara and all her pages. Validation is the standard of HTML coding practice specified by World Wide Web Consortium, W3C

All web sites should validate their HTML code as it makes the www a better environment for all users and that is an important issue as the www is growing every day. At the bottom right of all Sara's pages you will see the W3C icon to confirm validation.

Sara is here for our viewers and clients as we constantly strive through your comments and feedback to improve your interactive experience and provide the most up to date relevant information available on the Internet today about Cyprus, living in Cyprus and purchasing property.


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